Cost of information system development, maintenance and consultations

All included!

By ordering services from us you immediately save:

  • On employer and employee social tax
  • On personal income tax
  • On employee’s social guarantee expenses (vacations, work incapacity etc.)
  • On work place and equipment cost
  • On employee’s professional growth expenses
  • On staff management and other administrative expenses

At the same time you don’t have to compete on the labor market with a shortage of qualified IT specialists.

Our price

Average hourly rate of our specialists is 35 EUR per hour without VAT. It’s even a bit lower than the average rate on the market in Latvia.

First consultation is free of charge.

System maintenance

We also offer system maintenance services for a fixed monthly rate. Maintenance agreements usually cost from 400 to 1200 EUR per month (without VAT). The specific price is determined by:

  • The level of service
  • Complexity of the system
  • Amount of users
  • Necessary server resources
  • Desired response speed
  • Limits involved (max consultation hours and change request implementation limits) and the other factors